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Promoting new spinning mills:

We help and assist entrepreneurs in promoting new spinning mills. Guidance in every step of the promotion stage is guaranteed.

Technical Consultancy Services:

All technical support will be provided to the new entrepreneurs.


Assistance will be provided for installation of electrical equipment like Transformers, M.V.Panels, SSB and Distribution Board.

Sourcing and Supplying New and used Machinery:

Our services include assistance in importing of new or second hand machineries, such as Blow Room, Carding, Draw Frame, Simplex, Comber, Sliver Lap, Ribbon Lap, Ring Frame, Auto Coner etc.

Scientific Work method Training:

All necessary training will be provided in the efficient utilisation of the machineries.

Modernisation of Existing Plant and Machinery:

We shall assist you in modernising your existing plant and machinery with suitable changes and upgradation.

Automating the Existing Plant & Machinery:

Our service also include assisting you in automating your existing plant and machinery with latest technology.

Sourcing the Spare Parts:

We extend assistance in securing the necessary spare parts from the world over.

Valuation and Auditing of the plant and Machinery:

We also extend our service in valuation and auditing of your plant and machinery.

Provides Consultancy for Construction of Building:

We also assist you in the construction of your buildings. All technical side support apart from civil will be provided by us.

Provides Consultancy for Electrical Installation:

We assist you in all kind of electrical equipment installations like transformers, M.V.Panels, SSB and Distribution Board etc.

Provides Consultancy for Humidification and Hot air exhaust:

Our services also include co-ordination of machinery purchase, Humidification and Hot air exhaust.

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