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Used OPENEND machinery

Proposal No: MPS1001-07OE2021

PROPOSAL NO.: MPS1001-07OE2021

1 No Schlafhorst Open End Machine
Model: BD330
Year: 2007
No. of Rotors: 240
Rotor Size: T54
Tube Take up: 170mm
With Opening Roll for Cotto
Power Supply: 380V, 50 Hz.

Delivery: Immediate to any major sea port


Proposal No: MPS1001-06OE2021

PROPOSAL NO.: MPS1001-06OE2021

2 Nos. Schlafhorst Open End Machines
Model: BD320
Year: 2005
No. of Rotors: 288
Rotor Size: 54mm
Tube Take up: 170mm
With Opening Roll for Cotton
Power Supply: 380V, 50 Hz.

Delivery: Immediate to any major sea port

Price: USD21,000 C&F EACH


Proposal No: MPS2000-05OE2021


1 No. Saurer Open End Machines, 

Model: BD416 
Year: 2011
No. of Rotors: 416 
Rotor size: T34mm
With OK40 Combing Roller for Cotton
With Corolab yarn clearer
With Over Head Traveller Cleaner
Power Supply: 380V, 50HZ,


Proposal No: MPS2000-04OE20211

PROPOSAL NO.: MPS2000-04OE2021

2 Nos. Elitex Schlafhorst Open End Machines
Model: BD D30
Year: 2003
No. of Rotors: 240
With Cylindrical Package, 170mm
With T34DN Original Kinex Rotor Complete with 3M Germany Cup replaced
With New 83-18-5 Original Kinex Resilient Mount
With New Cap Insert 100
With BR6KS5 Ceramic Navel
With Kinex OK40 Cotton Combing Roller with New Head
New Danfoss VLT automation drive for variable speed for Rotor Speed running with cooling fan and protector cabinet.
New Danfoss invertor for technology fan drive for on line Pascal’s change
New Danfoss invertor for changing draft to correct count
New Danfoss invertor for trash Suction Pascal’s on line change
New Omron PLC control for control system and information
New easy view touchscreen Display
New MCB conversion for all motors for over load safety system
New cooling fan for electric control panel with new wiring
New Aluminium guide pulley with Original Kinex PLC 73-1-49 bearing for rotor belt guide pulley and tension pulley to minimise the belt slippage and speed variation control.
New Drum aprons for better grip and good yarn package
New bearings for
-Feed Roll Drive Shaft
-Drum shaft
-Take up shaft
With waxing device
With cheese lifting on yarn breaks
With Unirols Overhead Traveller Cleaner
With Belt Drive
With New Drum Apron
Fully serviced and working at 90000 RPM
Running condition with 20s Cotton high quality yarn at 99 % Weaving Efficiency
With full package conveyor at good working
Excellent Running condition


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