used RINGFRAME machinery
Proposal No: MPS2016-02RF2017
Toyoda Ring Frame Machines

125 Nos. Toyoda Ring Frames
Model: RY 5
Year: 1991
No. of Spindles: 480
Spindle Gauge: 75mm
Ring Dia.:45mm Double Flange.
Spindle Wharve Dia.: 20mm, Aluminium
Ring Tube: 230mm
6 spindle staff
With SKF PK 225 Drafting
Bottom Roller Dia.: 25mm
With Pneumablow Over Head Travelling Cleaner
4 Spindle Drive Steel Tin Pully
Power Supply : 380V/50Hz
Excellent Condition On Mill Floor


Proposal No: MPS2016-01RF2016

1No. Rieter Ring Frame

Model: K44
Year: 2005
No. of Spindles: 1008
Ring Dia: 42mm
Wharves Dia.: 18.5mm
Gauge: 70mm
Empty’s Height: 210mm
Lappet Hook Eye: 5mm
Lifting spindle Top-beam Roller: 220mm
Top arm Type: P31
Cradle Size: 42mm
With Sohler Overhead Traveller Cleaner
With Robo Doffer

Condition: Running