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Used DRAWING machinery

Proposal No: MPS2000-07DF2021

PROPOSAL NO.: MPS2000-07DF2021

1 No. Rieter Draw Frame
Model: RSB951
Year: 1997
With 40” Feed Cans
20”X40” Delivery Can
With Auto Can Changer
8 Ends up
With Power Creel
With Modified Sheltronics Digital Autoleveller
Upgraded to D50 Type levelling accuracy and all online display function
CV% upto 0.35% level
Additional Sliver Photo Cell Stop motion
With Individual Suction fan

Condition: Still Running in Mill floor

Location: At Coimbatore Mill


Proposal No: MPS148-01DF2018

5 Nos. Rieter Draw Frame
Model: D35
Year: 2003
Can Size 20"x 45"
With Power Creel
With Auto Can Changer
Power Supply:380V/50Hz.


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