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Used BLOW ROOM machinery

Proposal No: MPS2000-03BR2021

1. 1. Trutzschler Super Bale Opener GBC with extended Feed Lattice
2. Trutzschler AXIFLO Double Roller Cleaner, Model:  AFC
3. RSK Opener, Trutzschler RSK1600 Opener with LVS Condenser and BE Reserve
     trank, WW:1600mm

4. RK Opener, Trutzschler Pin Opener RK1200 with LVS Condenser and BE Reserve
     trank, WW: 1200mm

5. 2 Magnets
6. Dust and Cotton transport pipes
7. Two way  material mouths
8. Trutzschler SF123 Primary Filter- 2 Nos.
9. Trutzschler Dust Collection Fan
10. Control Panel


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